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Fun Animated Quarters game.

Drink with Van Wilder

  • Choose your opponent below
  • Move your mouse to position the hand
  • Click and HOLD for power
  • Release to pitch the quarter

"You lookin' at me?..."
My personal assistant. While his mastery of double-entry accounting is unmatched, his skill at the quarters table is suspect. Take it easy on the big Bangaloporese lug.

Future Leaders of America
"Dude, of course I'm 21!"
Ah, little Stevie Johnson. Member of the Future Leaders of America club. He looks a little young to me, but his ID checked out.

Ms. Haver
"Give me some sugar!"
Look out for this little filly. She's no riding pony. Unless she likes you. Rrrrowr!!!

Richard Bag
President of Delta Iota Kappa. If he's here, then you've got to wonder who's in charge of hell?. But he's a good player. Very good. You've got to beat him before you can play me.

Van Wilder
"Let's have a few drinks and go see my movie."
That's right. It's me, Van Wilder- Legendary Party Liaison. After 7 years in college, I'm not too shabby at the game.

I'll only play you if you can beat Dick. Hmmm... that didn't come out the way I wanted it to.